Diary in EnglishAugust 6th


 Today I went to a pool with my friends from high school. The pool is awesome at night. One of my friends recommended the pool and I didnt know it was there before. Its located near the seashore in Kobe and we could see a nice night view from there. We could see Kobe Port Tower and Meriken Park. They were really beautiful and I felt that I loved such a amazing Kobe! 

The pool at night is popular among young Japanese people. The pool is lit up and good music is played. Young people, especially girls and women are into taking cute photos and posting them on Instagram.

We enjoyed the pool and then took baths (hot springs!) We liked the pool and the bath. I hope that we will visit there again!


Thank you for your corrections Tyeisha on italki!

Note: The phrase "night pool" isnt commonly used. Most Americans would just say that they went to the pool at night.  For example: Tonight I went to the pool with my friends. The pool is awesome at night.  The phrase "night pool" indicates that the pol is only open at night, which is probably not the case.








ナイトプールってめっちゃ高いです(節約中の今は余計にそう感じてしまいました)が、たまに行く分には非日常感があって楽しいですよね きらきらな照明にDJの音楽…